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Torpol Magnetic Hoof Care Stable Boot
Torpol Magnetic Hoof Care Stable Boot

Torpol Magnetic Hoof Care Stable Boot

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Hoof Care™ and Magnetic Field Therapy™ technologies are recommended solutions in rehabilitation - as a support treatment after hoof or coronet injuries and for horses with tendon and joint injuries. Magnetic field reduces pain and eliminates swelling. Two-part structure consists of outer main body and elongated Hoof Care™ magnetic insert. Outer part made of nylon combined with mesh fabric and microfibre. Magnets located under fasteners for better protection. Inner part made of woolen knitwear, silicon fabric and cotton fabric. Lower insert additionally reinforced with Ripstop fabric. Finished with overstitching unique for the technologically advanced Master Tech collection products.

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Outer material: nylon (100% polyester), mesh fabric, microfibre

Pad: woolen knitwear (50% wool, 50% polyester), cotton fabric (100% cotton) with Ripstop (100% polyester finished with PVC)

Lining: silicon fabric 80g

Magnets: 20 pcs. (10 magnets in each piece) Neodymium Magnetic Activators (NMA) 3650 Gauss /pc

Fastening: 4 velcro fasteners

Colour: black with turquoise finishing

Packaging: 2 pcs.

Size: FULL