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Torpol Magnetic Rug
Torpol Magnetic Rug

Torpol Magnetic Rug

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Made of extremely durable net, used in military products, resistant to any mechanical damage. Perfect for all-year-long use, also as a part of a layered rug. Combines advantages of the classic magnetic rug with protection against dust and insects.  

Equipped with a system of magnets in zipped pockets located along the spine, on shoulders and on the rump. Their magnetic field dilates blood vessels which speeds up removal of toxins and recovery after exercise. It alsonaturally balances out energy deficits which allows for a faster start of body recovery processes. Significantly reduces pain and swelling. 

Material: 310 g ballistic net (100% polyester)

Magnets: Bioflex® Mega Spiral (NMB), with strength of ca. 1150 Gauss/piece, removable - 22 pcs; and neodymium magnetic biostimulators (NMA), with strength of ca. 3650 Gauss/piece, non- removable - 24 pcs.
Fastening: two adjustable buckles in front; crossed belts under belly; leg straps; half-circle hood clamps 

Size: M – XXL

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