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Foothuggies Jumper Socks
Foothuggies Jumper Socks
Foothuggies Jumper Socks

Foothuggies Jumper Socks

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How and Why we Created THE Technically High Performance sock for Equestrians:

We tested our socks on International competitors as well as amateur riders in Dressage, Jumpers and Hunters before offering you the most amazing Equestrian Tall Boot Sock. We product tested several fabrics for this result.

Each pair of socks has a Left and a Right sock designated by the lettering on the outside of the leg. Each sock is knitted with a Comfortable 2" welt to keep socks in place. The Ventilation weave around the top of the foot and outer calf allows breath-ability. Our Double knit padding on the inside of the calf helps reduce bruising and soreness from the stirrup leather. The Achilles tendon padding along with our choice of a perspiration wicking fabric, COOLMAX®, helps reduce blistering, bruising and irritation. The Ankle, and Arch support keep your sock in place where it belongs without bunching. Our double knit padding extends from the top of the Achilles tendon across the bottom of the foot, up and around the toes box keeping your toes from tearing through. Our invisible toe seam is located high up where your toes meet your foot to avoid creating calluses and corns along the outer part of your little and big toes. Our toe box is knitted with the big toe graduating smaller to the little toe so as to eliminate bunching in your boot from excess fabric, creating a comfortable and snug fit.

After all, YOUR PERFORMANCE is the absolute most IMPORTANT way to keep yourself safe and happy!

We designed our sock in Small, Medium, and Large not only for foot size but also for accurate height size from ankle bone to just under the knee.

As an Equestrian, a 34 year California Licensed Manicurist/Pedicurist and 20 year salon owner, I have used my expertise in doing pedicures to design a sock that fits comfortably. As a Pedicurist my goal was to create socks that would help prevent a life time of calluses and corns from ill-fitting socks. I wanted a sock that would help eliminate the temporary miseries which effect performance; blisters, bruising and soreness. As an Equestrian, I saw a need for a great fitting sock. As a salon owner, I developed a toeless sock for pedicures which lead me to the road of creating the best Equestrian Sock ever!

Material:70% COOLMAX®, 27% NYLON, 3% LYCRA®.

Proudly Made In The U.S.A.

COOLMAX® & LYCRA® are trademarks of INVISTA®.

Fit:Small: US: M/ n/a, W 4-6.5, EU: 34-37, UK: 2-4.5,

Medium: US: M 6-8.5, W 7-9.5, EU: 38-41, UK: 5-7.5

Large: US: M/ 9-11.5 W/ 10-12.5, EU 42-45, UK: 8-10.5

**Highly recommended by the staff at PHP, we use and love this product.**